I was counting down the hours to dose two.  Naproxen and paracetamol had rattled down my throat at 7.30am.  But I’m waiting to deliver the big one at 10.30am.

While a slight variation to timing probably makes little difference I prefer to keep the recommended gap between doses.  But I’m keen to start the damn thing working in a way I can feel.  And after one pill I can’t tell any difference.

Finally I succumb.  It’s 10.20am and I chase down pill two with half a glass of water.  Unlike the first dose, I don’t spend time analysing the effects.  And come the evening my now usual night pains arrive.

I treat them with appropriately timed painkillers and, at about 3am, think to myself that my tumour pain is a little less vicious than usual.  Perhaps more my imagination than a fact.  The other discomforts remain but that sharper nastiness does feel less sharp.  That said, sleeping the last few hours of the night is uncomfortable and virtually Impossible.

But perhaps the nasty git has shrunk a little.  As I count down to pill three I early hope so.

Osimertinib – Day One