This is the company behind afatinib, whatever my new drug is called (I’ve already forgotten) and a handful of other lung cancer treatments.

Despite knowing, roughly, the cost to the NHS of these treatments, I’m in awe of the firm and the people who work for them.

The pain they’ve saved me from in the last few months has been immeasurable and, for now, I owe them my life.

Knowing there’s more developments on the horizon that could further extend my life might be a key part in making a decision not to go to Australia.

The risk of dying from a plane air conditioning system giving me something nasty v living a few more months would probably have me risking a trip to The Ashes.

But recognising that living a few more months has a reasonable chance of opening up a new treatment that could keep me alive longer comes into play.  I want to live longer.  Sorry kids, I want to defer your inheritance as long as possible!

At the moment Astra Zeneca are keeping me alive with the help of big payments from the NHS.  There’s a part of me that thinks I’m not really worth it.  But the reality is that only a few hundred people benefit from this treatment in the UK and we are part of a clinical trial that will have worldwide benefits for those with lung cancer.

Big Pharma may have a less than popular reputation.  But if it didn’t exist I reckon I’d have died last January.

I’ve Been Lucky