Today has been a pyjama day.  British Airways first class pyjamas no less.  A dose of oramorph early on and I’ve barely left my bed since.  The aches and pains when I do are unpleasant.  The drifting in and out of sleep welcome when I lie down.

My mind has been making strange shapes that have floated around my head and my one meal, fish and chips, nearly revisited about five mouthfuls in.  A tremendous effort to keep it at bay.

When awake I’ve focused on watching the meaningless videos on my Facebook timeline.  And thinking about how to make myself feel better for the drive to Huddersfield General tomorrow.

My brief effort to tidy room and medicines failed.  I just can’t concentrate yet.  Although a lack of morphine may have helped a little I still feel doped to the eyeballs and expect to heed a new dose tonight when the inevitable night time tumour pains kick in.

For now, it’s about coping and little else.  Hopefully the medication change, if it cones, can get me back to planning more trips.

Blues Riff