There’s a constant tug on an imaginary piece of string coming out of my pelvis.  Whether I stand up, sit down, lie down, walk or even kneel it continues.  My four drug pain relief set has been played fully with no difference.

That tug hurts.  Every second or so, more pain.  It’s not agonising.  It’s there, constant, beating me.  Imagine having a bruise and deliberately poking it.  Over and over.

I didn’t finish tea tonight.  A habit that’s becoming more common.  My upper back continues to hurt too.

The inneffectiveness of the pain relief is a surprise.  I’ve green able to build up each of the four medications recognising improvement with each one.  Over two hours since they all went in and I’m not feeling at all good.  There is no improvement to the pain at all.

No matter how I position myself, it’s just a bit rubbish.