It was a simple plan.  Lunch at the Grand Canyon North restaurant.  Admire the spectacular views while eating reasonably priced food.  Quick drive around the viewpoints and back to our hotel.

Not quite to plan though.  The day started with heavy rain.  The drive to the Canyon was blighted by the rain.  Arrival meant rain.

We wandered down to the impressively located eating place and eventually got a much desired window table, looking out across the Canyon.  Eventually because we asked for a table at 11.15am.  Who knew Utah and Arizona operate in different time zones.  I thought it was an hour later!

Views of cloud.  More cloud.  Changing cloud.  Eventually it cleared.  Partially.  Occasionally.  And pictures could be taken over Alaskan cod and chips.

It wasn’t quite perfect.  But it’s a spectacular location.  And just occasionally the rather irritating cloud behaviour gave the opportunity for unbelievable photos.

It is a reminder though that nature’s unpredictable ways can often impede our ability to admire it’s wonders.


Zion, Immobility, Hope