Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Bell’s palsy.  Aches and pains, including sciatica in the right leg.  Nose bleeds.  Sore eye.  Oldham bottom of the league. Oh, and terminal lung cancer.

Added to these is ingrowing toe nail.  My podiatrist didn’t tell me this is what I had until today.  Weeks after his practice partner had chopped away a good third of my nail of the big toe on my right foot.

Today, as I presented with the scabbed up remains of my daily toe bleed he confirmed from his notes the exact problem.  New one on me!  After treating it and covering the wound he insisted I return next week.  Until then, keep the toe covered until Saturday and then salt bath it daily.

Not wishing to assume the obvious I asked what a salt bath was.  His explanation sounded more like a “salt washing up bowl” but I decided not to challenge him on the name.  Instead, I’m planning a Saturday morning visit to Argos to spend somewhere in the region of £40 on a foot spa.

It’s almost exciting!

My Discomfort Continues