On my first trip to the South West USA, I made the executive decision to drive my then wife and Chris through Sedona.

It was our first experience of this part of the world and lasted less than an hour.  The big name attractions formed the route.  Sedona was very much an afterthought.

But that hour was exceptional, especially if you like impressive rock formations.  Even without stopping the car a little piece of me thought going back should happen.

And I forgot.  My route plan after leaving Grand Canyon Village on next week’s trip didn’t think to head that little bit further south to investigate Sedona in the way it deserves.

There will be a morning on this trip where I wake up and ask my companion Rachel how she’s feeling.  Sedona may justify an extra two hours of driving on a day where several more are already scheduled to get us to our planned overnight stop.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling strong enough to take it on.

If it doesn’t happen, there’ll be a big element of regret.

Oh How I Yearn For a Handrail