Somewhere in Chile, I’m not sure where, I lost a lot of the strength in my right leg.  I recall standing up with consummate ease one night before we headed to Easter Island.  By the end of the trip I was dragging the leg along as Chris led the way through the Santiago crowds.

On return to the UK a stiffness and awkwardness in motion of the leg peaked, and has only gradually eased over the last couple of weeks.  The top of the leg feels strained a little today.

That said, my painkiller intake has started to reduce.  Indeed, despite a little niggle today I have been drug free.

Which makes my limp something of a puzzle.  It’s been genuine for so long but today should be free movement for Stringy day.  So I was puzzled to catch myself dragging my leg along earlier.  No pain.  Minimal strain.

Maybe it’s still not quite right.  Backed up by still feeling a little niggly.  Maybe I’ve just become accustomed to moving that way in recent weeks.  But my little moment of self awareness has forced me to change my behaviour a little.

While not quite back to full speed, I am definitely more agile than I have been.  The right leg is just about as capable as the left.

I’m still left wondering why on earth I defaulted to a slow limp though.

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