I’m excited about returning to the South West USA.  Perhaps it’s a little bit strange to go back and effectively see things that I’ve seen before.

But it offers so much.  I’ve seen Mono Lake twice, but never headed to its shores.  Sat north of Death Valley and east of the Sierra Nevada I’ve simply driven past.  Once on the way to Yosemite and once heading to the rather disappointing Lake Tahoe.

This time I intend to explore it more closely.  It may not be exciting, but somehow I have it in my head that there’s something special about it.

By all accounts it’s filled by snow melt and rain.  The only run off seems to be to lubricate LA.  I’ve no idea of the route that man made pull on the resource takes but there are some bloody high mountains to get around.

The islands on the lake used to be home to rare birds.  As LA drew more water from the lake the island became conjoined.  It didn’t take the coyotes long to find the birds once a swim wasn’t required!

Whether we’ll spend ten minutes, an hour or half a day there, I don’t know.  But a key part of this trip is to try and do things a little differently to my previous visits.  And this lake will be part of it.

Forgetting to Take My Little Blue Pill