It’s now five days since arriving back in the UK.  Six days since the monster thirteen hour flight ended.

My body has suffered a hit.  Whether that’s from the flying or just the energy spent exploring Chile, I don’t know.  Probably both.

Despite the picture, multiple lower back pains are my main issue.  A return of the right leg sciatica too.  It’s been an occasional visitor since moreorless disappearing when the afatinib pills shrunk the pesky tumours but has been much more prevalent in recent nights.  Amytriptoline tends to treat it well, but also gives me a fuzziness in the first hour after waking, despite having extended my sleep.

The exceptionally tight hamstrings started easing a couple of days ago.  It’s amazing how difficult these made putting on socks.  Yesterday afternoon saw the slow recovery from the backache improve dramatically.  No anti inflammatory tablets last night.  First time in a couple of weeks.

I’m yet to book the next trip.  The plan is more flying, driving and sightseeing.  I’m not ready for a sunbed yet.  There’s still a world to explore.  Somehow I need to build in more rest though.  It goes against the grain.

Maybe I’ll need to pay a bit more for a resort hotel that’ll pamper me a little while being located well enough to visit things too.

All thinking out loud for now.

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