I staggered through the front door after 7pm on Friday, dragging the heavy suitcase and my hand luggage bag.  Chile – been there, done that.

Despite the aches, pains and tiredness of travel I chucked the big case on the floor, unlocked it and unzipped it.  Two bags ofdirty clothing were immediately thrown into the washing machine.

An efficient act on my part, but for the last day and a half the suitcase has remained open in the hallway with all its other junk on display.  I’ve been too stiff to actually bend down and attend to it.  But by leaving it open it’s a stark reminder that I have travelled with more than I need.

An extra hat – one sun hat is enough.  A second bottle of sun cream – barely scratched the surface of one.  More jumpers than were strictly necessary.  A cool bag and mini rucksack that were never used, although Oz might need these.  More stuff beneath these things that I can’t see and can’t recall.  Hopefully this afternoon my uncomfortably tight hamstrings and all round battered body will be loose enough to rezip the case, drag it upstairs, chuck it on the bed and start sifting through it.

I need to be quite radical.  Even though it was under 20kg for most of the trip, it’s a struggle for me to move it around and a risk to my already knackered back.  Solo Dave in Australia isn’t going to have Chris on hand to do the heavy lifting.  Or driving.  Or anything!

Ideally I’m going to get rid of anything that isn’t essential.  Minimal clothing.  Minimal convenience items that seem like a good idea when packing but just don’t get used.  Minimal everything.

After twelve flights in less than four weeks (plus Reykjavik in March) I’d have expected a bit more wear and tear on the big bag.  Fortunately it’s still in good condition.

Now to make sure I remain in good condition shifting it around.

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