Despite being a gazillion miles away from home, I became aware of a nice little American Express deal yesterday.

Spend £25 on your AMEX Platinum card at Amazin and get 1,000 Avios.  So I bought a £25 Amazon voucher and got an email confirming my bonus.  Hopefully they’ll even add them to my account soon.

I checked by British Airways AMEX account and discovered the same offer.  So I repeated the gift voucher purchase and got the same response.

My Amazon account now has £50 on it.  I’ll probably spend this replacing knackered cables for my various devices and a few occasional other purchases that they make.

The Avios have a base value of £11.  But based on my Boston first class flights, used well I reckon there’s £50 of posh flying value there.  And if I trigger a BOGOF offer via the BA AMEX card I can double this.

In other words, £50 of spending at Amazon that I’d have paid for sooner or later anyway has just earned me £100 of flying value.

Let’s hope I live long enough to redeem that!

Tosser and the Reclining Seat