It translates as “The Biological Nature Reserve of the Southern Hemisphere”. Quite a big claim for a nation that gets upset by the term “American” being used to describe USA residents when it more accurately describes those from the multitude of nations in the Americas.

Nevertheless, we went exploring. We got wet. There were trees. And although not visible, there were birds too.

I presume this wasn’t quite the level of expedition of Dr Livingstone in Africa and we didn’t actually uncover anything not visible from our amazing room facing outwards into the trees. No apes and very limited deer stocks here.

In the end a mix of cold rain and irritable Stringy in pain syndrome did for us and we headed over the road to the Volcano Museum. Free, vaguely interesting and bloody freezing. Back to our room for a rest before I soothe my bones in the hot tub. If we can find the hot tub.

The wooden buildings that make up this in forest development are extraordinary. Fascinating. And difficult to move between as despite inter connecting tunnels and bridges signs are few and far between. Perhaps a character from Avatar would be happy though.

Never mind. My plan for the remainder of our short stay is hot tub, tea, sleep, breakfast, leave.

Hopefully more mobile and dryer tomorrow!


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