Angelina Jolie recently revealed she’d suffered from Bell’s palsy following her split from young Brad. Stress = Bell’s palsy?

Unlike me she was quickly aware of her condition, prescribed steroids and had acupuncture to fix herself. If this hits you, same day visit to GP is essential!  If you notice somebody’s face has slipped, use the words “your face has slipped, go to your doctor today” rather than feint polite about their appearance.

The success of acupuncture seems to be linked directly to early use of steroids. No steroids means no success for acupuncture. Acupuncture months after diagnosis seems to simply not work. While I don’t blame her for giving it a go, I’d suggest her face would have fixed itself quickly regardless.  Some people get lucky.  I didn’t.

I got my steroids a good month after my symptoms were first spotted. Nine months on my facial deformity continues. 90%+ are fixed by now.  Not me.  If anything my speech is more slurred and my eye more consistently sore.

I think it’s a little bit of a shame Ms Jolie didn’t issue photographs of her condition. But maybe that would just open her up to some of the cruel ridicule social media offers the average celebrity. It might have been a boost to anybody else with this crappy condition though.

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