It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Santiago enjoyed a rare snowfall just a few days ago.  The locals feel the cold and wrap up.

The country was formed north to south.  There is a theory that the area was named “Chile” by because … it’s so chilly compared with what lies north.  There’s no Spanish word for Chile and nothing in the old Mapuche language to describe it.

Head north and it warms, head south and it cools.

The two days we’ve been here temperatures have topped 20C.  But still the locals think it’s nippy.  If I was lying on a Balearic sunbed I’d be comfortable.  Except for my back.

Our third day in Santiago lies ahead.  Temperature wise I’ll welcome more of the same.  Even if it cools, continuity of the perfect blue skies will be appreciated.  The plan is to hop on the Metro service to anywhere.  At £1.75 each it seems a good deal.  And an opportunity to really go for it in Spanish.  Chris finished yesterday with a flourish of three word sentences to the locals.  I remain proud of my “quattro” moment of genius.

The lack of bathroom plug is restricting my ability to scientifically assess water going down the plug hole clockwise or anti clockwise.  That might have to wait until Sunday afternoon.

Learning About Santiago