There was a time when flying further than the Canaries just didn’t appeal.  Economy seats from Phoenix to London reaffirmed that view over ten October hours in 2014.  But the desire to return was too great and I discovered the joy of cheap business class flights out of Dublin.

And next week will see me commence a thirteen hour monster of a journey from Madrid to Santiago in Chile.  After first getting to Milan as that’s where “cheap” posh seat fares for this trip exist.  Around £1500 saved by getting to Milan and connecting to Madrid rather than flying from London or, bizarrely, starting in Madrid.

Anyway, that doesn’t solve my problem around how to entertain myself for thirteen hours.  We’re flying Iberia.  I assume a chunk of the in flight entertainment with be in English, but there is a risk of Dora The Explorer without subtitles.

There maybe interactive games allowing me to challenge Chris to something.  Although for the last seven years I’ve tended to be an unhappy runner up.

My iPad has a decent collection of music on it.  And a couple of games.  Monopoly might just be the future.

It’s a midnight flight.  I assume food, sleep, breakfast, look down 30,000 feet to see the Amazon rainforest and land is the order of the day.  But that post-breakfast bit will feel long, more so if sleep has been an issue.

The likelihood of paying silly money for in flight wifi become appealing.

I’ve Already Used 25% of My Time