Bag for Chile packed.  It’s a week and a half before departure but I like to be ahead of the curve.

Before then my sister has come up with a little treat, courtesy of her tennis club’s lottery draw.  If things fall into place I’ll be sat on centre court next Saturday watching the Wimbledon ladies’ final.  Or maybe a delayed men’s semi final.

Now Wimbledon has always appealed as an event to go to.  Even if my tennis knowledge is limited.  Stepson Matt was on Murray Mound as the Scot won his first title there and a little admiration for his queuing effort, combined with a tinge of jealousy, came into play.

So a Wimbledon final has been added to my bucket list and hotel etc booked to make this happen.  And within a week I should have it ticked off as complete.

While I like to mock Andy Murray as a Scot when it’s not going too well, there are few sportsmen who work as hard as the top end professional tennis player.  And while Henman was a very good nearly man Murray took the final step by winning his share of top competitions.

My knowledge the female game is limited.  Is Chris Evert still going?  Is Jo Durie still getting knocked out in the first week?  I believe a Williams sister usually wins but one of them is up the duff.  The nice looking Russian druggie – is she still in it?

A quick check on the bookmaker’s web site tells me a Brit is the favourite to win.  I can’t believe Virginia’s still playing!

I’ll try to brush up on my knowledge to ensure I don’t cause to much offence through ignorance next Saturday afternoon.  I’m really looking forward to it.

And the key information is the food.  £95 for a picnic for two.  £2.50 for strawberries and cream.  I’ll take the latter and smuggle in a Boots Meal Deal!

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