The incarnation of excessive night time traffic cones and motorway road closures cursed the drive home from Anglesey.

And I might have thought that a hire car related incentive wouldn’t impress me after something of a hellish Thursday evening where it became clear that the Highways Agency now employ significant numbers of cone putter outerers on our roads.

Still, Avis have enhanced my “preferred” status to “preferred plus” which is exciting. To me anyway.

I don’t always hire overseas, but when I do Avis seems to tick the box for reliability, although price isn’t always lowest.  Anybody can register for Avis Preferred which is a queue jumping guarantee.  Better still, I have an outstanding free weekend rental to redeem from my first three hires this year.

Preferred Plus is a bonus for five hires.  Lovely plusness now follows my bookings around the globe and guarantees me a car upgrade, a free additional driver and another free weekend hire once I get back from Chile!

The car upgrade is particularly good news.  It means that I can improve my cheaper choices when travelling in Europe.  It means that the already booked banger for the Chilean lakes will be bigger.  And my unbooked plan to return to the USA in September will also be more comfortable.  Mustang Convertible is out of reach though.

The letter goes on to explain that with four more rentals of €1000 in total this year I can move up another level.  It doesn’t tell me what those additional benefits are.  It doesn’t even tell me what the level is called.  While I’ve no plans to chase Avis Preferred Plus Plus I’ll get around to looking it up.  Maybe something even more exciting to play for!