It’s back to the hospital today.  Two months since I first attended the eye clinic due to a Bell’s palsy related sore eye.  It’s now almost nine months since I was able to close my right eye.

I had a scan.  My oncologist gave me results from that from a cancer perspective, but this appointment will tell me what they can do to help the eye.  And the answer will be nothing.

Last time I was prescribed eye drops and eye gunge.  Something called lacri-lube.  The lube works well.  In New England I definitely felt happier and less pain driving with a blob of the stuff in the right eye.  Not great for all round vision but my right eye can hardly see anything anyway!  Excellent for stopping the sun hitting the perma-exposed eyeball.

This time I can’t imagine anything other than more lube being prescribed.

The Eye Clinic is also where they identified my deafness in the right ear.  A key question is what can they do about it?  Is it time to get a hearing aid?  Does that entail yet another specialist?  I didn’t even know I was deaf until the eye doctor told me.  Now it’s as annoying to me as the contorted face!

Talking of which, I’m coming up to the key “final” correction point for my Bell’s palsy.  The interwebs tells me that 3-4 weeks, 3-4 months and 9 months are magic times when it corrects itself.  I await the overnight recovery that other sufferers report.   But I’ve long since given up waking every morning and testing my smile on both sides.  I’ve pretty much given up all hope of it ever fixing itself.

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