Yesterday I planned to do everything.  Jet lag, however, convinced me to do virtually nothing during daytime.  I wasn’t fit for purpose!

Last night I committed to my Chile file.  Checking the dozen flights are properly timed.  Reviewing the hotels and car hire.  Identifying which ones won’t feed us.  Working out which airport lounges to head towards.

Despite ample luggage limits for travelling business class, we’re restricted to 20kg for over three weeks of travel by my decision to use Flybe as a positioning airline.  I’m yet to work out how I’m going to achieve this when we’ll be in dry desert, Pacific island warmth and rainy winter on the same holiday.  Worse still I don’t own 23 pairs of socks and undies!  Some interim washing arrangements needed overseas!

I’ve looked at Milan and confirmed we’re staying five minutes walk from Centrale station.  €13 each way per person on the Malpensa Express.  It looks like £40 each way for a taxi from airport to Santiago.  This trip has two return journeys to make.  £160 in taxi fares makes me shudder.  Oh well.

I’d already booked car hire for the trip from Calama to San Pedro de Atacama.  Trying to add on Chris as a driver I managed to inadvertently cancel.  Their system has only let me rebook this morning.  Chris now drives!  Unfortunately I thought I was paying in sterling but it seems like I’ll be charged in US$.  Annoying, as the card I’ve used will charge me £9 extra for that.  At least the cashback is c£27!

Our hotel looks better than I realised when I booked.  Pool and hot tub.  Breakfast included.  Good dining options.  Trip planning service.  48% discount for booking late!  I booked five months ago!

I reviewed other hotels later in the trip. Some in the middle of nowhere with no food on offer.  Paper dishes, plastic spoons and a box of Rice Krispies with milk it is then!

Easter Island car hire still remains unresolved.  My hotel will sort it, but haven’t replied to my latest emails.  I hope they remember to collect us from the airport.  Tripadviser says the wifi is rubbish there.  Three days of no wifi!

All that said, the basics of this trip are long ago sorted.  What to do in Santiago?  What to see in the Atacama?  Where to chill in the Lakes?  How to get around on Easter Island?  Where to wash my undies?

These are the challenges that remain …

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