I’ve never heard of Acadia National Park before. It’s impressive though.

I paid $80 for an annual pass to all the American national parks, rather than $25 for a single visit. A statement of intent to return soon. And if I don’t a farewell gift to a foreign nation’s parklands that have a natural beauty that has provided me with so many magical memories over the last few years.

Acadia itself is small. But really pleasant. A 1,530 foot mountain may not sound impressive but it’s the first place in the USA to see the sun each day due to its eastern location. Moderately bleak views over the many islands of the nearby ocean as well as a series of lakes mighty close to the sea but not saltwater. Surrounded by large amounts of never ending greenery.

The English Lake District is probably the best UK comparator. Acadia has more immediate coastal access and pretty harbours nearby. The Lake District is bigger and perhaps a little more spectacular.

But this is the first time on land since touching down that I’ve thought “wow”. As we’ve headed north the traffic has thinned out and the coast has become more interesting, even intriguing. It’s more like the South West USA without the canyons!

History lessons are marked out throughout the park as well as maps highlighting views off islands in Frenchman Bay.  I’m intrigued by Bald Porcupine island and what inspired that naming!  The bay itself named after rather unsporting French sailors who used to hide their vessels behind the many islands before attacking English ships as they came past.  Rather unsporting of them.

If you visit the top right corner of the USA Acadia is definitely worth a day.  The peak of Cadillac Mountain worth seeking out.  And tiny harbour towns like the inappropriately name North East Harbor, which sits on the south west corner of its own part of the island, worth dropping into for a brief visit.  Bar Harbor is pretty and ice cream expensive!  At least car parks were, at last free!

The generosity of the wether has continued.  Acadia’s lowlands affording us 87F in local money which is 30C back home.

Long may it continue!

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