As Theresa May discovered there were politicians in Northern Ireland we enjoyed our last Hilton hotel breakfast of the trip.  A magnificent cooked to order omelette followed classic American waffles.  We then loaded our bags into the car and headed for Gloucester.

The plan was to hop on a boat and see whales.  The reality was a little different.  The morning boats had all departed earlier and the afternoon boats had all been cancelled due to an iffy weather forecast.  With the sun still shining as I write I’m a tad miffed.

We found a visitor centre and were enthusiastically told about the historic town’s wharfs, docks and a walk around the place.  So we set out eagerly.  Yes there was sea and boats.  But also light industry, like a paint factory.  It became clear quite quickly that despite the positive write-ups online Gloucester just didn’t have what we wanted.

Yes, there were a number of attractive looking eateries.  But the experience was a bit like trying to convince yourself that Fleetwood is an exceptional destination of great natural and architectural beauty.  We returned to the car, handed our all day $5 parking ticket to a grateful local and headed to Rockport.

This was different.  And great.  A bit like a Cornish harbour surrounded by wooden construction houses that were all shops and restaurants selling high quality tourist wares.  We ate a stuffed clam each while watching others down giant red lobster!  We also found an appealing shop called the fudgery.  The 1/2lb purchase won’t last us long.

Rockport might not have been big.  There weren’t any fairground rides to see.  But it had a bright, airy and happy feel about it.  We spent a fair old time there chilling.  Admiring the houses.  Enjoying the sea air.  Dad and lad doing nothing together.

It’s a great feeling.  Porpoise Cover later.

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