It’s been a morning of fine tuning.  The Boston trip with Chris commences in six days.  In their wisdom, the IT friendly British Airways let you choose your seat for free if you’re a first class passenge.  But if you’re connecting to London from the styx they charge you £56 for selecting two specific seats on those connecting flights.

One of my travel perks is, however, BA Bronze status.  Got that with last year’s Yellowstone trip.  The benefits are limited but at least I can book seats for free seven days prior to departure.  So that’s sorted.  Last night I was able to book seat selection for free on several flights with a low cost Chilean airline that I’ve never used.  Sometimes the “perks” of status aren’t as generous as they seem.

Today I’ve rechecked the New England hotel bookings.  Only one hotel is cheaper than when booked so that’s the mighty sum of £7 saved with a sneaky cancel and rebook.  And an extra 52p in Topcashback!  It was also a reminder as to how few of these hotels I’ve paid for up front.  A chunky credit card hit in July is inevitable.

Three nights with no breakfast is an irritant.  But sometimes it’s not worth paying £50 a night extra for some bread and cheese.  All the other nights include brekkie.  I’m intrigued as to what one hotel described as “full breakfast”.  I’m going with waffles rather the egg, bacon and sausage!

Day 1 plan is pretty much in place.  Get car.  Pay a fortune to park.  Do Boston on foot.  Head to North Shore for dinner and hotel.  That Heathrow massage we’ve booked will be 24 hours behind us by then.

Thank You