The end of July sees what is, perhaps, the most exciting part of my travels.  Unless Jimmy Anderson takes a hat trick at the Adelaide Oval.

Easter Island.  It will be the most remote place I’ve ever been.  Probably the most remote place I ever go.

Chris sent me a WhatsApp message yesterday telling me the news that there’s been an outbreak of Dengue Fever on the island.

Immediate panic in my head.  That kills people.  Those flights from Santiago were bloody expensive.  I’ll lose out on the air miles and airline status if they cancel.

Not surprisingly I headed to google to find out more.  The Chilean government are playing things down.  Flights won’t be cancelled.  Only four people affected.  Not expected to spread.  Nobody dead.  Relief sets in with caution.

More information checked out.  Blame the mosquitos.  Cover up – this is no loner a shorts and tee shirt segment.  Use a deet repellant to keep them at bay.   There is no vaccine.  It can be unpleasant but is highly unlikely to kill you.

I head to Amazon, research the necessary spray and spend £8 for a delivery next week.  I’ve got a long armed tee shirt style top somewhere.  Well I’m ok.  Hopefully Chris has something similar?  Or just a light long armed button up shirt will do.  I’ll chuck a now never worn work one in the case.

One to watch.  There might yet be some rescheduling needed.

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