My next flight is British Airways.  So I’m not laughing at their IT disaster today.

They’ve got less than ten days to fix the problem, clear the backlog and welcome me and Chris on board as we head to Boston.

This one is a bucket list job.  It’s a first class flight and I’ll be most displeased if it doesn’t happen and doesn’t live up to expectations.  While the likes of Wizz, Ryanair and Easyjet have been pretty kind to me, I’m a little worried.   Probably not as worried as shareholders of IAG (owners of BA) should be as an extended inability to fly could destroy the whole business.  But my status is “miffed and concerned” as the 6th June departure date closes in.  I assume today’s passengers are in the “totally pissed off” category.

BA has been cutting costs wherever they can over the last few years, despite being very profitable.  Who knows if their IT restructure last year is to blame for today’s problems.  First Class passengers on the Flyertalk internet forum have vented their displeasure at other cutbacks.  The loss of the flower in the bathroom allocated to the poshest seats caused such consternation that management were forced into a u-turn and reinstated the fauna on all first class flights at the beginning of May.

So fingers crossed they fix things and fix them fast.  I suspect when I visit the facilities on board I won’t even notice the flower!

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