With less than two weeks to Boston, I didn’t fancy another flight.  Airports and planes wear you out.

I gave myself three choices for today when I gave it some thought yesterday.  The England v South Africa cricket in Leeds (£60).  Stay at home (free) or Anglesey and my sister’s gaff (£45 petrol).

Pleasant weather and a disinclination to negotiate Leeds won the day and I’m now in the top left hand corner of Wales.

I had a brilliant plan of pick up some food at Tesco in Prestwich, fill up with fuel and enjoy the A55.  The fuel plan fell apart when I realised Tesco were refurbishing their petrol station.  Fortunately bread, bacon, butter and bananas were all available and within two hours I’d added a splash of overpriced Shell unleaded and arrived in Anglesey.

My plan for the next two days?  Nothing.  Hot tub and relax.  After I’ve cleaned up the dead flies that fell out of the skylight when I opened it!

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