Although it’s still just over two weeks away, I’ve packed my suitcase for the Boston flights and New England driving holiday.

The flights have been paid for with Avios and are in first class with British Airways.  Perhaps not quite as posh as flying in first with Emirates, but I am anticipating this being the most luxurious pair of flights I’ll ever travel on.

The BA first class passenger gets many perks, one of which is being allowed to take the kitchen sink with you.  Not only can I take three suitcases, but I can cram 32kg of luggage in to each one.

Now that’s all well and good, but with two of us travelling that means six cases. And that doesn’t work at the other end when we need to load them into the hire car before winging it around six states.  So when chucking stuff into my once used case and weighing it I was fairly pleased to only have 14kg in weight.

But that triggers fear.  What have I forgotten?  Is something essential missing?  What did I take to Yellowstone last year that made it so much heavier?

The last question is misleading.  I don’t recall the weight of the bag at all.  A couple of thick jumpers went as even though it was July we correctly anticipated freezing overnight temperatures.  But I’m trying to think what I might have forgotten.

That said, it’s a fairly populous part of the world.  The Americans do have things like supermarkets and every Wal Mart I’ve ever set foot in sells clothing in large quantities.  Many of them even do an oil change, so handing the keys over in Salt Lake City, pushing a trolley around a massive superstore and collecting the car half an hour later minus warning light was a surprise activity on the Utah canyons tour a couple of years ago.

I might just throw a coat in.  The fleece is probably enough, but there’s no harm in using the available space for a big heavy overcoat just in case the weather turns against us.