It’s quite an extraordinary thing, the power of the internet.  My reasons for writing are fairly broad.  Somebody suggested it.  It fills time now that I no longer work.  It’s therapeutic.  It helps inform people how I’m doing.  Maybe it also helps me to still feel relevant.

People in a quarter of the countries of the world have now read something from the blog.  That implies massive readership which is far from the truth, but it’s a good statistic!  Around 18,000 hits though.

85% of the reads come from the UK.  Most link directly from Facebook so are likely to be people I know/have known well.  A handful from Twitter where, perhaps, a more random group have shown an interest.

The most read articles are those where I mention my cancer, treatment and progress.  Less interest in the destinations I’ve visited or that I’m planning to visit.  Although the “Hotel suite and the hooker” story was popular!

I did lose one reader when I upset her for talking about lab rats and cancer treatment.  While I didn’t even pass opinion on the rights and wrongs of animal research I caused upset!  But while I was upset to have caused somebody an upset, I quickly came to the conclusion that if I write to please the world I won’t be genuine.

I’ll keep on writing.  My style.  My thoughts.  My self-reflection.  My take on life.  And death.  Even if the subject matter can be a little repetitive.  Even if reader numbers drop.  Even if I inadvertently offend.  It’s good for me and definitely helps me.