Tonight sees an early expedition down to the Calderdale Hospital.  For a scan.

This one is linked to my right eye, hearing loss in my right ear, the seven month old Bell’s palsy (which, bizarrely, I hate more than the cancer) and the possibility of labyrinthitis.

When the palsy was first diagnosed I had three scans to try and prove it was a cancer spread to the brain.  Fortunately it wasn’t, but I was banned from driving while inconclusive results were considered by the medics.

Tonight, I think, will establish a little bit more about my facial problems.  But I also think it’s likely that there won’t be any treatment available.  It will go away on its own has been the methodology for this part of my ailments so far.

I can pay £2.80 for two hours parking in a disabled bay in the hospital car park.  Or maybe find a pay and display bay just outside which allows the blue badge holder to park for free.  I’ll be doing the latter while my body still allows me to.  They have rather created an economic model of “force the invalid to walk further” there.

Anyway, hopefully they’ll find nothing too unpleasant.  That would be a game changer.

A Time to Live