I chose Eindhoven as a cheap way to get to Amsterdam.  Flights were cheaper for my dates.  Hotel was good value compared to the capital and the €39 return train fare still kept my costs low and the kids’ inheritance high, while allowing me eighty minutes to admire fields and canals from the train.  Twice.

And after the excitement of Amsterdam yesterday, together with an unscheduled look around Utrecht, today’s job has been to suss out Eindhoven.

My hotel is set in a square, perhaps THE square which quite cleverly has the feel of many ancient European market towns.  I say clever because it’s a square surrounded by dull modern buildings with modern shops and yet somehow has a feel of rustic pleasantry.

The reality Is that it isn’t a very exciting place.  It’s pleasant and has a big church, but you could say that about much of Europe.  The buildings are depressingly square.  Efficient use of space, but uninteresting.  The 1960s to 1980s have a lot to answer for.

Although I think it’s the Brits who bombed the place to smithereens during the Second World War as the occupying Germans were churning out nasty things from the town’s Philips factory.  So maybe I should feel grateful for the warm welcome I seem to get everywhere.

I’ve had one of my gentle stroll days.  Over to the impressive football stadium, home of PSV Eindhoven, to buy Chris a classy scarf.  I love to wander round football grounds on non-matchdays and imagine what it will be like when it’s busy.  The stadium is only a few minutes walk from station and town centre too, so might be an option for an ad-hoc overseas football match at some point.

A bit of street food.  A stare at the church which was rebuilt in 1867 and has 1,000 skeletons underneath it that were discovered a few years ago.  A “large” beer which was typical chilled Euro-gas in a half litre glass costing more than it should and then a rest.

Theres nothing wrong with Eindhoven.  It has served a purpose.  It’s just not very interesting.

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