Boston and New England are just over three weeks away.  The two weeks of touring the six states are almost an afterthought.  This is all about the flying experience.

I’d collected a large number of Avios.  Enough to get two people first class flights to the Middle East or the American Eastern Seaboard.  A terminal diagnosis made this seem like a good time to cash in the points – they die with you.  I’ve done New York and Washington DC.  The Arab world in June didn’t appeal.  So with little dithering and a failed search for posh new planes on the dates I wanted I booked British Airways flights from Manchester to Boston via Heathrow.

Lounge and help yourself alcohol in Manchester.  Impressive spirits bar.  Short hop to London with a salad and champagne.  Land at Heathrow and head to the Concorde Lounge – British Airways’ showpiece.  The home of waiter service, knives and forks, unlimited food and drink (including champagnes and spirits) and, at 4pm, a pre-flight neck and shoulder massage.  Because I can!  Then onto Boston in the poshest of the posh seats.

Would I pay the £4,000 a head for this?  Never!  When I get back I suspect I’ll remember more about New England than having my back rubbed.  But for now it’s the flying experience that appeals.  It’ll never happen again.  And I intend to enjoy it.

I have booked far too long between flights.  Vague regrets.  But I think we will cope.  In a refined environment.  Semi-sloshed.  The ideal way to start a driving holiday!

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