After last week’s disaster when a stationary wheelie bin came out of nowhere to decapitate my Montenegran hire car wing mirror and lumbered me with a €225 bill I have good news.

Just four days after submitting the claim for the excess against my posh American Express Platinum Card the assessor with AXA has agreed to pay me back.

While it shouldn’t be a surprise, as the damage caused was pretty much what they claimed to cover, there’s always that little niggle that makes you wonder if you’ve failed on a technicality such as an address mismatch or a failure to submit a car hire document long since left behind in a foreign land.

So, I’m happy.  I’m reimbursed in full.  I’m thinking that my fee for the multi benefit charge card has been money well spent and fingers crossed my desire to drive overseas isn’t diminished.

The Icing on the Cake