One of these days I’m going to accidentally book me and Chris into a double room.  But so far, so good.  Such a disaster hasn’t yet happened.

Hilton have, however, just this morning confirmed that my “Twin Guest” room in London tomorrow night has been upgraded.  Which is nice.  The “King Deluxe” on the tenth floor less welcoming though.

Into panic mode and onto the web chat messaging system.  Natalia responded.  An image of a gorgeous Russian girl materialised in my mind.  She’s probably a former Soviet shot putter.  She tells me to check my reservation and tell her what it says as she can’t access things.  I tell her.  She says she can’t help and passes me on to Jutta.  I imagine a young and enthusiastic Indian chap who likes cricket.  He’s probably the good looking Russian girl in reality!

Jutta is amusing.  He makes a statement rather than asking a question, so I assume he’s aware of the conversation I’ve just had with Natalia.  Two minutes later I realise he’s not going to add to his statement and say “hi”.  He responds by telling me the hotel is fully booked.  I ask about twin rooms.  He can’t advise me and tells me to call the hotel.  Eventually I get the telephone number out if him.  Radical!

The hotel reservations lady is great.  Apparently a King Deluxe can be formatted to a twin with no issues at all.  Problem over.

Hopefully the night views of London are good, the free Gold Status breakfast is forthcoming and the Uber to Kingstonian’s stadium to watch the meaningless Wimbledon v Oldham game will be cheap!

My American Express Points Have Gone!