I’ve got around five hours to kill tomorrow before an evening flight home.  My impression of this part of Montenegro is really positive.  The back part of the Bay of Kotor is stunningly beautiful and worth a couple of days of anybody’s time.  You won’t be lying on sunbed a but a relaxing meander around what is effectively a fjord can be fun.

While an Adriatic cruise might be your best bet, those flying into Tivat should hire a car.  And then immediately insist their partner drives.  The coast road is genuinely scary due to its width in places and I chose not to take on the mountain hairpins despite the promise of remarkable views.

Montenegran drivers take no prisoners either.  If a road is wide enough for exactly two cars and an inch they’ll go and expect you to do the same.  They don’t have indicators here either.  That said, I’m the one who damaged his wing mirror on a bin!  Pavements?  Don’t get silly!

Despite not being in the EU the country uses the Euro.  Despite lacking infrastructure in many ways most restaurants have wifi.  And the lack of development is charming in itself.  Despite having separated from Serbia over a decade ago the TV adverts display Serbian dinars as currency.

It’s been a short and sharp pleasure.  I’d have explored the mountains with more time and guts.  My money is on a €250 bill for that wing mirror.

The Intriguingly Named Lustica Coast