The news that I’ve lost my Adelaide accommodation is more a disappointment than a disaster.  But it is clear that Adelaide hotels are horrendously overpriced and some, like the Hilton, have already sold out.

My “spare room at Josephine’s Airbnb” option was costing me £23 a night.  With the slightly bizarre “cleaning fee” my six night bill was £163.

I’m now looking at my options.  It’s not pretty reading.

A typical chain hotel with breakfast reasonably close to the cricket ground is £1,400.

Serviced apartments 35 minutes walk away £850.  An Uber coming in at around $10 twice a day for the five day test.

A caravan by the beach is $720 with cooking options.  But double that taxi fare and I don’t want to spend too long on the road every day.

Airbnb might still win this despite my only attempt to use them already being a failure.  There are two options in apparently good areas just a few minutes walk away from the Adelaide Oval.  Both less than £300.  I might book both and cancel one at the last minute.  Cruel on the owner.  But it gives me a sense of security should one property let me down.

I’ll decide on Tuesday afternoon.

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