Chris has a thing for the Icelandic band Kaleo.  Despite barely getting a mention in the Iclandic Rock’n’roll Museum, mainly on account of not being Bjork, they are rather good.  And as an Oldham Athletic fan he’s naturally drawn to their bluesy track “Way Down We Go”.

Yesterday saw an inquisitive message from him.  “Are we anywhere near Camden New Jersey on 11th June?” – after he explained I could sense his underlying excitement.

We’ll actually be in Ben Harbor, north of Boston.  I knew because I’d booked the hotel a couple of hours earlier.  Camden is south of New York in the heart of Springsteen country.  On a map they look remarkably close together.

Now I’m game for a random event while touring.  The rodeo in Wyoming last year was a brilliant night.  Except for the chap gored by the bull (the commentator “let’s have a look at that action again on the big screen”).  So I headed off to Google  Maps to see if Camden NJ was doable.

Nine and a half hours drive each way.  No apparent air route.  A few seconds pondering not bothering with Boston and New England at all.  It’ll only cost £70 to amend the flights and head into Newark which is in New Jersey.  A new route could get us to Camden.  But swamps, Springsteen memorabilia and the impressive New Jersey coast just didn’t appeal.  A bit of been there, done that.  So Chris misses out.

He’ll get another chance to see them.


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