There’s not a hope in hell that I could justify paying two lots of £4,000 to get me and Chris to New England in normal circumstances.  I would pay the £1,000 upper class fare on Virgin for a nice comfy seat, but four times that is insane unless your employer is paying or you’re filthy rich.  Or fancied blowing your air miles on one hell of a treat.

When I was initially diagnosed with lung cancer the prognosis was less than nine months.  As type of lung cancer and medication extended that (hopefully) I decided to blow the Avios points on a first class flight.  The Middle East didn’t appeal so Boston moved rapidly to the top of the list and I redeemed just about every Avios point that I had on two return flights from Manchester via Heathrow.  And I’ll say it again, the cash fare for these seats is £4,000 return each.  Or 136,000 Avios to me.

Departure is now less than two months off.  In 29 days I can book our complimentary spa treatments in Heathrow’s exclusive British Airways Concorde Lounge – this will kick in after enjoying the Manchester BA Lounge too.  And apparently a private room (cabana) to enjoy our three course meal in between flights.  Unlimited spirits and champagne too which will continue on to the flight.  I’ll need to be careful how this interacts with that little blue pill I have to take each night!

It’s not quite the same on the way home but BA have just opened a spanking new business class departure lounge in Boston so we will benefit from the best they’ve got there.  No massage though!  Or spanking.

i suppose I should start putting a little more thought into our 14 night summer driving holiday now.  Other than hire car I’ve planned nothing!