One day, a long time ago, Dave in Halifax rang his insurer in Bristol to tell them he’s poorly and to ask them for a claim form.

The insurer in Bristol posted three forms out to Dave in Halifax.  Dave in Halifax filled one in and posted it back to the insurer in Bristol.

He took the second form to his doctor in Halifax.  She huffed and she puffed and asked for £105.  She then decided not to be the big bad wolf and said she’d write to the insurer in Bristol and ask them for the £105 instead.

Dave in Halifax saw the third form said “to be completed by employer only” so posted the form to his manager in Cardiff.  His manager in Cardiff discovered the special form filling team were in Halifax so posted the form from Cardiff to Halifax.

The form filling team in Halifax then wrote to the manager in Cardiff to say Dave in Halifax hadn’t signed the “to be completed by the employer” form so they asked the manager in Cardiff to contact Dave in Halifax to ask him to sign a new “to be completed by the employer” form and send it to the insurer in Bristol asking them to forward it on to the administrative team in Halifax.

Dave pondered which of Halifax’s bridges to throw himself off.

Enabling the Kids to Inherit my Pension