Every day is a small victory against cancer.  But I know that one day, unless there is a significant medical advancement, this cancer will score its consolation goal.  If I can beat it 1,000-1 the doctors will see that as a pretty good effort.  Hopefully I’ll double it.  More perhaps.

So I grasp the opportunity to travel.  To see the world.  To enjoy myself.  And this is where I’m up to:

Done:  Malta, Slovakia, Iceland, Slovenia

Booked:  Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Gran Canaria, New England, Chile, Australia

High Priority:  West Coast USA, Pompeii

Loose Thoughts:  The Far East, New Zealand, Antarctica, Safari, Canada, a long train journey, Russia

Possible Repeats:  Iceland, Slovenia

It’s an evolving list.  Sometimes a time opportunity between Oldham Athletic matches coincides with cheap flights.  Sometimes I just feel a moment of madness and decide to splash out.

Theres nothing on my “Loose Thoughts” list that I’ll regret not doing.  But I’ll be gutted if circumstances stop me doing Australia and The Ashes.  It’s a cruel disease.  If it denies me that trip it will have cheated me.

The Curse of the Motorway Services