I don’t know England’s east coast at all. Whitley Bay as a seven year old is about it. Oh, and piloting a boat on the tidal waters of the Norfolk Broads near Lowestoft as a teen.

But as I decided to see more of the world before my inevitable decline and demise I included more of Britain on the list. London Zoo and Stonehenge already ticked off. An impromptu stop at the National Space Centre in Leicester too.

With Chris away on a university field trip, and not fancying the drive to Southend to watch Oldham, the idea of fish and chips in Whitby will be fulfilled this weekend. Along with two nights in a remote B&B, a bit of Robin Hood’s Bay and a wander on the North Yorkshire Moors if I’m feeling fit enough.

Rather looking forward to it.  So far I’ve been told of three different fish restaurants that serve the best fish and chips ever!

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