Afatinib is basically keeping me alive.  I continue to suffer the side effects of rash, acne and occasional mad dash to the porcelain.

One of the other side effects as yet untested is sunburn.  As temperatures in Ljubljana soar into the seventies (that’s 21C+ these days) I’ve decided to walk around like an aimless tourist soaking up the sun.  With no sun cream.  Well it’s hand baggage only innit!

Three hours of strolling down a couple of streets I’ve not seen, assessing things I don’t want to buy in the market, successfully haggling over a Slovenian football scarf for Chris and knocking €4 off the price.  Sitting down and enjoying a coffee as the sun beats down on my bald dome.

It’s been blissfully relaxing.  The chilled out nature of the place reminds me of Kraków, but it’s far more intimate than that.  The locals love their bicycles, but whereas in London the cyclists want is to push pedestrians out of their way, here they weave successfully between the tourists.  And then there’s the coffee.  Everybody drinks a coffee.  Every bar sells coffee.  Nothing happens without coffee.

Most importantly, there’s no sign of sunburn.  While I expect to wear sun cream in traditionally warmer climates than this, it’s good to know that this particular side effect doesn’t appear to be having a dramatic effect on me.  Which can only be good.

Did I mention I really love Ljubljana and Slovenia?  It’s ace!

Kranj – The Forgotten Twin