I’d originally planned to head to Zagreb in Croatia today.  But a combination of absolutely loving what I’ve seen of Slovenia so far, and a two and a half hour x two train journey has made me rethink.

So I’m going to fill up at breakfast, walk the twenty minutes to the bus station and decide where to go once I’ve worked out the best bus times.  It’s quite a random way of going about things but it also gives me a chance to seek out the airport bus departure point for Thursday morning’s final exit back to the airport.  Eye watering taxi fares are best avoided!

There are two locations I’m pondering for today, but I’m not averse to doing anywhere.  So I might turn up, spot a bus with a place name I recognise on it and simply head there.

More likely I’ll hang around for a Ljubljana to Lake Bled (pictured above) service and head to the Alps.  I could potentially get off in Kranj, Oldham’s twin town, spend a token hour there and then catch the next service onto Bled.

So the plan is get a bus anywhere.

And this makes me think that my four night trips could start involving two destinations, a train/bus trip and three airports.  Perhaps Leeds>Zagreb>Sofia>Leeds isn’t out of the question.  Skyscanner might get a hammering tonight …

Get Ljubljana on Your Must Do List