It wasn’t even in plan at the start of the trip, but having completed the highlights of Ljubljana and decided I didn’t fancy five hours on a coach to and from Zagreb I got to the bus station and decided on a three hour round trip to Lake Bled.

Recomeneded by a friend of a friend.  In fairness England has bigger lakes.  Lakes with mountains overlooking them.  Castles near lakes.  Islands in lakes.  Indeed, I rather like our Lake District despite a climate perfect for filling lakes.

Lake Bled has it all though.  The beautiful backdrop of snow capped Alps.  Small enough to walk around in a morning.  Imposing and impressive castle overlooking it.  And the bizarre concept of a beautiful church on a small island – if you can overcome your desire to stay in bed on a Sunday you still have to catch a boat to get to church!

Most of the small business around the lake were closed today.  It’s out of season.  But with temperatures touching 20C and not a cloud in the sky this place was a little bit of heaven.  The place was quiet.  Cool breezes offset the warmth just enough.  The water was still.  The scenery stunning.

There isn’t much more to it than that.  I didn’t canoe across the lake.  I chose not to climb the path to the castle.  I didn’t catch a boat to the island church.  I just soaked up the tranquility of the place, enjoyed a beer and knocked back a beef and cheese toastie.

Sometimes that’s enough.

Slovenians Taking the Proverbial