The flights, hotel and pre-flight airport hotel were all booked some weeks ago.  I’ve double checked the accommodation prices today and there’s nothing to be gained by cancelling and rebooking.

So the well time acquiring of the new BMW means that it will take me down to Luton Airport for a wild night in the Holiday Inn post-match before heading on to airport security, Aspire lounge for a bacon sandwich (hopefully) and flight at silly o’clock on Sunday morning.

I’ve got a few €uros left from previous trips so the plan, for now, is to use those for the bus from the airport, try and do everything on credit card while there and then handover cash again for the return bus to the airport.  Iceland could have been done card only.  Other than those bus trips this could be the same.

Bus station to hotel is a twenty minute walk.  It looks like a straight line and crosses the river.  The bus station is also next to the train station so if I do follow through with my plan to visit Zagreb I’ll know exactly where to start that trip.

Walking tour in plan for Monday morning.  Zagreb Tuesday.  Ljubljana on Wednesday to dig deeper into what the walking tour tells me.  Back to Luton and another BMW blast on Thursday.

Feeling good!

Treating Myself