That fateful February day when I got off the bus in the Maltese capital Valletta and realised my trousers were in danger of falling down saw me walk into the first souvenir shop on the left and invest €11 in a belt.  More about that here.

Six weeks later that belt has been decapitated.  They really don’t make them like they used to!

But then you look at things in a holiday light and €11 for a travel essential is rather cheap.  The price of sun cream in the resort is invariably extortion.  Buying an extra leg room seat on a transatlantic flight once cost me £85 and when you’re on the road with no access to an Amazon delivery those £2 cables suddenly turn up in Walmart for $15.  Paying £25 for a pre-flight lounge is usually pleasant but it’s not exactly great value for money unless you down several spirits and fill your bag with crisps and Coke!

I have no regrets over my belt purchase.  I do wish it was a relationship that lasted a little longer than it did.  But it served a purpose.  Life goes on.  Poundland for a replacement!

Clock changes interfere with my flights!