I’ve known Nick since the days of Manchester Airport only having one terminal.  School friend.  Pub friend.  Friend who moved away but kept in touch.  Christmas card friend.  Facebook friend.  And in the last year or so we’ve actually met each other in person on a couple of occasions.  He’s a good bloke.

He’s also planning to run a marathon in under four hours, which is pretty amazing.  More amazing still is that he’s set up his Just Giving page to support the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation after hearing of my illness.

It’s a fantastic gesture and one that’s worthy of your support, big or small.  For me it’s  a rather emotional feeling.  Certainly nothing that I’ve experienced before and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Lung cancer is the cancer that kills more people than any other.  It kills more women than breast cancer, yet receives a significantly smaller share of cancer research funds. 15% of lung cancer sufferers have never smoked.  A third of lung cancer sufferers die within three months of diagnosis.

Big or small, please click to donate here.  Lung cancer research is making huge strides at the moment and every extra tenner raised has the potential to contribute to a breakthrough that significantly enhances my life and/or increases my life expectancy.

Selfish?  Hell yeah!

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