Well that’s Reykjavik ticked off. Modern cathedral. Shops. Parliament. City hall. Square where they protest against Danes, banks and other stuff. Walk along the harbour. Impressive concert hall. Job done.

By comparison to the magnificence of the Golden Circle I’d have to say a bit of an anti-climax. Not in a bad way. But it’s just a small town that happens to be the capital of a small country and that’s about it.  Although free parking after 6pm and all day Sunday is most civilised.

Driving back to the hotel a stop off to see the Icelandic Rock’n’roll Museum was funny. £11 to see some pictures of Bjork. Some superstar who goes under a nickname “The Boss” but isn’t Bruce Springsteen. A list of great guitarists such as Clapton followed by a list of unknown (to me) Icelandic guitarists. Oh, and Elton John played a gig in Iceland once.

Currently pondering food options. So far it’s looking like Icelandics don’t do food that you present nicely. Have some fish or sheep or a burger and pay through the nose for it, but that’s all. Maybe a pizza tonight …

The Golden Circle of Ungritted Roads