I have seen the Northern Lights before, albeit a white/grey shimmery experience from the moors above Oldham.  And while my reason for visiting Iceland is the joys of the geo thermal it would be nice to see the greens and pinks and blues of the aurora here.

After a £20 bill for a locally caught fish and chips dinner I realised my hotel room faces north.  The aurora forecast online was moderate with a warning that you wouldn’t see them if it’s cloudy.  No shit!

With no cloud and minimal local light pollution I stared north for a couple of hours ignoring some Hugh Grant movie on telly.  The atmosphere was clear.  The North Star strong.  The horizon with the blue, green and reds that you’d associate with the lights.  But not the magical curvy shapes.  They never appeared.

Tonight I’ll head out to darker spots in search.  But for now, no score.

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