Well that’s a message I didn’t expect!  24 hours to departure and I’m unable to check in online.

There’s a simple “go to airport” message on the screen and when I’ve rung a nice lady at Icelandair she’s confirmed that she can’t see a problem and to resolve it at the airport tomorrow morning.

So all is relaxed at their end.

Me?  Panic mode.  I have a contingency plan in place so if Icelandair have overbooked and don’t offer an  alternative I’m redeeming Avios to get to Heathrow and redeeming more Avios to get from Heathrow to Iceland.  If there’s no Avios availability tomorrow morning (there is at the moment) there are sensibly timed later flights from Scotland and the South East.

In reality Icelandair should sort me out.  99.9% certainly fulfilling the flight I’ve paid for.  Or rerouting me at their expense.  What I now have is knowledge of some back up options that I can either suggest to the airline or, if the airline don’t play ball, organise for myself.

My best guess as to what the problem is centres around seat selection.  I changed it this morning while checking in, utilising the online seat map provided.  According to Seatguru my preferred seat doesn’t exist.  Computer confused and I’m into a Saturday morning manual workaround process instead.

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