There are numerous stories online that it does.  Equally compelling are other stories that suggest smoking pot massively increases the risk of cancer in the young.

Indeed, utilising Google with “can cannabis cure cancer” and “can cannabis cause cancer” will provide dramatically contradictory results.

What does seem likely is that there haven’t been hundreds of eminent scientists utilising wacky backy as a serious part of research and development of new cancer treating drugs.  Mainly because in most countries they’d be breaking the law to do so.  Which is probably a shame.

The most interesting reports seem to be around the mixing of extra virgin coconut oil and cannabis to deliver unexpected cures.  But the internet is full of one tale repeated in different places type stories and verifying cause and effect is frankly impossible.

While I’ve never done illegal drugs I have pounced on the coconut oil thing and have been optimistically throwing them down my throat for weeks as apparently it assists the body respond to nasty cancers.  Today I’ve read that action is going to create a big cholesterol problem.

Who knows what the truth is?  My gut reaction is that cannabis curing cancer is an urban myth.  But if I’m beginning to fade away and an appropriately mixed chocolate brownie appears in front of me, why the hell not!

I’ve Had My First Class Experience Upgraded – Sort Of